Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation Center reports it does not have any staff or residents testing positive with Covid-19. Under the direction of the facility’s Medical Director, Dr. Jonathon Bremer, the facility chose to test its staff and residents. There were no positive resident results for Covid-19.

On April 24th, unfortunately, the facility had one staff member test with a positive result from their lab, which is using one of the CDC recommended type of tests. Upon discovery of the test result, the employee sent home and placed in quarantine and the facility reported the result to the health department and has been working closely with the department of health and following the CMS, CDC guidelines.

Upon further testing by the department of health and the state lab, the employee test result was found negative for Covid -19 and the health department ruled the test a false positive, which means the employee did not have Covid-19. Although it was unfortunate to get a false positive, which can happen with Covid-19 tests, the facility, staff, and residents were relieved to learn they did not have the Covid-19 virus in the facility. The facility chose to know rather than ignore the possibility of someone carrying the virus in the facility. The facility remains committed to that approach.

Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation Center is a Joint Commission Accredited facility that will remain vigilant protecting our residents and staff by following CDC guidelines and being proactive.

We covet your prayers and support as our healthcare facility along with all in our local region and nation contend with this virus.

In our recent statement provided to you we addressed that Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation Center strategically implemented widespread COVID-19 testing going above and beyond current regulatory requirements. The norm is to test individuals that feel sick or have exhibited symptoms. However, we concluded that while testing individuals with symptoms is helpful, it leaves too large a gap for potential unknown infection to exist. In order to enhance resident safety, though not required to do so, we elected to test 100% of the facility’s staff and residents and implement a system of periodic 100% facility – wide testing.

Of significant importance to us is discovering a staff member who say may have become infected at the grocery store, but who does not know they have COVID-19. These sorts of transmissions are indeed occurring in the general public which lends our facility to believe its staff are also at risk of similar infection. Our prayers are for no infections at all. Our strategy is to recognize infection quickly if it does occur and as such mitigate the opportunity for infection to spread.

It is our belief that soon regulations will require all healthcare facilities to conduct widespread testing. Below are a couple of articles that indicate such enhanced testing maybe on the regulatory horizon.

Widespread testing is not without its difficulties and complexities. It is a very expensive lab to process, though we are encouraged that Medicaid and Medicare intend to assist facilities with the cost. Current available COVID-19 testing technologies are experiencing some degree of false positives, we are unaware of false negatives, but they may exist also. However, we decided that though imperfect the appropriate course for us to take is to commit to widespread periodic testing of all individuals, including those who do not feel sick.

Coronavirus Health & Safety Precautions

The health, well-being, and safety of residents remains our facility’s number one priority.  As a measure of caution for our elderly population that is vulnerable, we are limiting visitors to our building at this time. We strive to provide as much protection to our residents as possible, especially during this challenging time. Others who wish to visit, in a critical circumstance situation, will need to be cleared by our administrator and director of nursing.

We take these steps not to cause anxiety or concerns on behalf of residents or loved ones, but to let everyone know we are committed to doing everything reasonably possible to provide a setting emphasizing sound health.

Who We Are


Caregivers You Can Trust

Caring and commitment come from the heart and result in our residents being treated with the dignity, courtesy and compassion that everyone deserves. Every day we strive to remember that no job is "small" or "unimportant". Attending to details and realizing that a person's need for compassion and dignity does not lessen with age or infirmity is key to the level of compassionate care that we provide. Our residents become our friends and we try to ensure that each one lives to the fullest of his or her abilities. 


Experienced and Supportive

Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation provides individualized long-term care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Residents receive care that maintains human dignity and preserves a sense of freedom, identity, and independence. Our leadership is committed to creating a supportive environment for staff that cares for residents. Our staff is committed to treating residents with kindness and respect. All strive to create a climate of safety, trust, and respect for our residents and staff. Dedicated and caring clinical staff functions as an inter-disciplinary team of professionals who provide residents with an atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well being. 

Joint Commission Gold Seal


The Joint Commission awards its Gold Seal exclusively to facilities meeting strict criteria for care and services provided to residents. Because of the rigorous examination process, just 6% of nursing facilities nationwide earn this honor. Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation is pleased to also join such world-renown hospitals as Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Duke University Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic Center in attaining The Joint Commission Gold Seal.