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Testimonials/Family Letters

"My mother really likes it at Durham Hensley, much more so than any other facility she's stayed at.  The staff's very kind to her, and are always looking in on her.  They are very attentive to her needs.  It's a wonderful facility!"
J.B., Chuckey, TN

"The nurses at Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation do a great job of notifying me whenever there is something I need to know about my father.  They keep his room very clean and his bed linens are always changed.  The staff is so good to my dad!  I'd rate them a 10 for the way they take care of him."
C.H., Chuckey, TN

"Thank You! You all cared so much for Mom and gave her a feeling of self worth. She felt safe at Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation. We also could sleep at night knowing she was in loving hands. I really miss my Durham Hensley family! I hope all is well there. If I can ever help or do anything for Durham Hensley please let me know. I have been blessed to know you all, and have been impressed with your professionalism and your hearts."
B.B., Greeneville, TN

"Reverend Neas, I'm enclosing a check in the amount of $500.00 for your church to help with the ministries at Durham Hensley Health and Rehabilitation. Back in March 2014, my wife's uncle Dennis Watkins passed away while a resident there and I know that you and your church made a difference in his life. I know when he first came to Durham Hensley you came to see him, and he told me that he told you he didn't want to talk religion, but you were welcome to visit him. As he spent more time there he really came to admire you and the little things your church did to let him know that someone cared. I will never forget the morning when I came to visit him and Buffy said 'I have wonderful news - Dennis told Lynn that he wanted to be saved.' An answer to prayer. Thank you for caring and praying with him. Please use this gift to let those residents at Durham Hensley know that someone cares for them also. Please let your church know how much the family of Dennis Watkins appreciates what was done for him."
J.H., Rogersville, TN