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Chaplain's Corner

Lynn NeasDurham-Hensley Health & Rehabilitation would like to welcome our chaplain Rev. Lynn Neas. Rev. Neas lives in the Horse Creek Community with his wife Kathy Holt Neas, where they have been married for over 47 years. They have 3 sons and their families: Spence, Paige, Cody and Seth Neas. Zak, Kim, and Jessie Neas and Channing Bolton. Josh, April, Drew and Eli Neas.  They have 2 great grandchildren, Bailey Graham and Serenity Bolton. Rev. Neas mother is Charlsie Neas. He has a brother and sister-in-law, Larry & Jackie Neas. Our chaplain has ministered for over 37 years at area churches to include, Cedar Creek FWB church, Cherry Hill FWB, Community Chapel FWB and Union Chapel FWB church where he is currently the pastor.